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    Headed to SB tomorrow and hoping for some advice that resulted in success. I went up there 2 weeks ago and had some success with a Hopper/cat poop/midge drop, catching browns and bows on each pattern. A friend I was with snagged one or two on a streamer. With this said, I'm wondering if there's something that would be better.

    Anyone have success on this area of the Chattahoochee, in between Buford Dam and Medlock?

    Much Thanks!

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    If you are fooling more than the one random odd brown that means you are right on the money. Those guys are hard to fool. Sounds like you are on a winning combination.

    I'm not nearly the fly fisherman that 90% of these guys are but that's how we've been doing it when we've had the fly rods out. Big green hoppers and green weenies.

    We've had success through the entirety of that area recently.
    I like em big fat and sloppy.


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      For Browns, I've found that pheasant tail or frenchies are the better nymph choice. Leeches and woolly buggers work well swept and stripped back.
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        Settles Bridge Advice

        Hit Settles this AM early and landed one on a rubber leg wooly. Man, it was nice out there - feels and smells like Fall. Would have liked more but I switched to some really big streamers looking for the Big Catch. Good luck.

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          Fished just a little above Settles yesterday morning and this evening. Used a dry droper. Stimi on top and prince dropped below. That combo produce big time. Most came on prince. Didn't switch flies all weekend (why should I)? When I looked at the prince this evening it was destroyed. Basically all that was left was wire body and tail. Kind of looked like a copper john. And it was still catching fish.
          Disclaimer... I was in a float tube so I was able to bounce around.
          Good luck and let us know how it went.
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            Oh man great Fish Beautiful fish. a monet