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    This is always the toughest time of year to consistently catch numbers at the dam in my opinion. I think the combination of the super clear water with numerous midge hatches sprinkled in with some winter stones and caddis allow the trout to be picky.

    Finding the correct size and color midge is often frustrating and even when you think you have it often only results in a handful of fish.

    Making it worse is the fact that if you look closely in many areas there are numerous fish, and often times fish are rising so you know they are eating something.

    All that being said fish are still coming to the net its just in smaller numbers.

    In addition to our streamborn browns there have been a decent amount of rainbow holdovers that have become well educated so make sure you use some stealth as you fish.

    Fish some of the shallower areas that have rippled water up top, change flies often if you aren't getting bit, and use caution not to spook fish.


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    Thanks for the report/advice. It's been pretty slow for me on the tailwater so I have been fishing the DH for the most part.

    Looking forward to some better conditions in the spring.
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      Great report. Thanks.

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        I went out this saturday and did really well on a size 16 para adams...


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          Big T,

          The next time you're going to the ****, and don't mind me going along to learn for you. I'd appreciate an invite and I will keep checking in on your schedule.


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