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Dam Wind - 5/6

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  • Dam Wind - 5/6

    Yep, first time I have an opportunity to fish in a month and the wind was projected to be in a range from "horrible" to "turn you into a sailboat", but a month is a long time so I went anyway. Turns out the forecast was right, but it wasn't constant so every 5 minutes or so I could make a cast and found decent success. In fact it was a really good day at the dam, I didn't see the number of anglers I would have if the wind hadn't been a factor.

    I am really liking fishing the dam after years of trying to ignore it to fish Island Ford and Jones Bridge. One of the effects of drought conditions and new low flow requirements is that the lower end of the Hooch trout range (IF) has warmer water and significant silt build up, which has made me look further upstream.

    About the dam, if you haven't walked down the trail and over two bridges you are missing some of the best water - plenty of fish and less pressure. Big T made me swear an oath of secrecy but I had my fingers crossed so it didn't count. Here are my bona fide's, one of each that I caught in the first 15 minutes....

    And it's wilder cousin....

    I had almost a B kar ma moment when I got sailboated by the wind as I was attempting to step up on a rock ledge and almost pulled a 2fly, but I was able to recover and only get a little wet. As I regained my composure I immediately lost it again as the rock was a perfect sunning place for a 2' water snake, perfect eye level and about a foot away. It didn't appreciate my sloshing about and swam away, I double checked to make sure I didn't have poo-poo panties....

    Almost all patterns I tried worked - moonshine midge, #12 hares ear with an orange collar, squirmies and frenchies. I will say that I caught no browns on squirmies and only browns on the frenchie, all patterns had a silver bead. I also caught one large dragonfly that tried to eat my dropper midge, wish I had taken a picture of that. A really good if not great day to get back out and fish, the weather conditions are almost never perfect so just go and figure it out.

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    Great report.
    And agreed, if you wait for perfect weather you might as well take up a different hobby.
    Great looking fish too.

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      Well done mr. Scott. I see you are taking over for T while he's out in the north GA woods looking for mythical beasts.
      We are the music-makers,
      And we are the dreamers of dreams,
      Wandering by lone sea-breakers
      And sitting by desolate streams;
      World losers and world forsakers,
      On whom the pale moon gleams.


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        Originally posted by GoutUnlimited View Post
        Well done mr. Scott. I see you are taking over for T while he's out in the north GA woods looking for mythical beasts.
        Mythical? Pfffffffffffff. RScott go to Jones Bridge it's never windy there.


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