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The Hooch in Helen: Round 2

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  • The Hooch in Helen: Round 2

    Managed to get some fishing up in Helen this past Sunday and even decided to put some time in Splatek's shoes and try my hand in a smaller creek. I fished town for a little bit and then decided to hit that small stream, which turned out to be rather tough. Not having fished a small creek in a little bit of time I didn't do well and got several strikes and lost a fish or two, but other than that it was immensely difficult. The beautiful nature made for a nice experience nonetheless.

    Fishing in town yielded great success with around 15 or so brought to the net, including a nice double which was a nice and fun surprise. I managed to land a nice 12 inch stocker that fought exceptionally well. After fooling many fish in town I traveled up the road to the WMA and brought out another 10 or so fish. I probably could have gotten into a whole lot more but it was about 4:30 or so and I decided it was about time to get started on that stack of homework I had put off. On a side note, I'd like to thank Mr. Vanderpool and Big T for teaching me how to Euro Nymph and how to properly fight fish.

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    Nice double those are fun! Great report Ben.


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      Well done brother
      I've still yet to get the elusive double

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        [QUOTE=splatek16;876945]Well done brother
        I've still yet to get the elusive double

        It tends to happen at inconvenient times, like when you have 6.5x on and both fish go different directions


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          I think you could get a double by sneaking up to one of those wild trout plunge pools and scooping a couple up in that magic hat!