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Why don't they release water at night?

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    Originally posted by browniez View Post
    Maybe this is my resoundingly frustrating personal life this weekend speaking, but:

    This thread is a perfect representation of why people get so frustrated with trout fisherman.

    Earlier this summer the entire community is up in arms about having no releases. The river is going to die. Temps are crazy. The COE is trying to kill the trout. The COE wants fishing to die. Trout are evil. Everyone in the government wants to take our river.... etc. and etc.


    When the COE finally starts releasing water, and its not convenient for you its a problem.

    What do you people want?

    Here's a hint:

    Unless they release for 12 hours straight there is ALWAYS a place to fish within 30 to 40 minutes.


    You must display a modicum of effort to get there.

    They released at 2 PM at the dam? Big deal. Water is fishable at IF the whole day, or the backside of Jones Bridge will be perfectly fine to fish until 730 to 8, after its DARK. Not to mention that the dam would only be out of commission to fish for about an hour, after which the fishing is generally incredible.

    So many people on here regularly drive 2 to 4 hours to fish streams in NC and TN and the like. It absolutely blows my mind that people won't drive 30 minutes one direction or the other to catch fishable water.

    I probably made some people mad about this post, but I really don't care.

    Perhaps the COE just realized long ago that trying to please trout fisherman was like trying to herd chickens. So they just tuned them out. That's what I would do.
    After fishing in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Arkansas and Georgia this year I am at a loss for how blessed we are to a) live in a metro area with 6.5million people WITH a trout stream b) can catch either trophy browns or smaller browns for numbers and c) can be on productive water usually within 30min of the metro area. You simply cannot find a combination of all three in ANY of those other states and if it's due to a tailwater, so be it.
    As it was stated earlier, this dam design could have been done as a top release and we possibly may not have a NGTO if that were the case so by proxy, all of the great people I have met here and some blowout argument threads here are a result of this and would not have happened without Buford Dam being designed and run by the COE the way it is. Regardless of how they do it, and I understand the reason this thread was started, as Alex suggested if the water is not to your liking, drive somewhere else. If you do not have the time then I implore you to challenge yourself as a fishermen and fish the water in front of you. It's always a chance to learn and become a better fishermen.

    "Everyday is a new life to a wise man."
    -Chinese Proverb

    “At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.”
    -Norman Maclean

    "We are what we hunt."


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      One other thing.

      It's generally accepted that high water leads to healthier, fatter, better fed trout. Or at least that is the sentiment you will hear from people on other tailwaters that actually fish high water regularly.

      High water is basically ringing a dinner bell at a blue ribbon buffet for trout.

      At the White they call it trout growing hours.
      I like em big fat and sloppy.


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        Well said browniez!


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          Originally posted by huntfish View Post
          Well said browniez!


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            I am always happy to answer any questions and/or explain how Buford Dam is operated to the extent that I can. Yes, it is a highly complex operation with many factors. I am happy to do presentations or just show up somewhere and answer questions. It is simply too difficult to do it in this forum as some things could get quite lengthy and other things generate more questions. A free flowing discussion is always better. Plus, I do not get on here regularly to see everything. If someone wants to coordinate a "session", please do so and give me a call at 770-945-9531. I assume everyone has noticed the morning releases this week. Why is that? With these cold mornings, demand for power is greater in the mornings.