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    Originally posted by trout1980 View Post

    looks like some nice browns are being stocked

    Need to be big enough to avoid the stripers
    Lol, big enough to avoid the stripers. Did you know that anglers use 16" gizzard shad to fish for stripers? I doubt there are many browns or bows anywhere in the river that can avoid being eaten simply because of their size. I would assume avoiding the stripes is more a function of stealth than size.

    Having said that, I caught a holdover brown last weekend between the ramp at paces and the bridge. Probably only 12" long.


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      How often do they stock this section during the DH season? Planning going today after work since Last Friday had some good fishing


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        Originally posted by baldea View Post
        The only reason they'd be a different strain is if the State of Georgia started importing different strains which I highly doubt.
        @Baldea, it was talked about extensively in this particular paper actually. From what I gather off of this paper was that the strain commonly used by the federal stocking program went up against some other strains to figure out which performed the best in the fishery. Walhalla won over the Plymouth Rock Strain. Good read regardless. I would be interested to hear @Splatek16's opining as well due to his science background.

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