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  • Back in black

    Hit the water early this morning. With the fog it was hard to see if anyone else was around, but once it lifted I realized I had the place all to myself.

    It was slow at first, which seems typical for me: I rarely catch anything early am, maybe I'm doing something wrong. After about 45-60 minutes of nothing it finally got started. I feel like every other day on the hooch I either catch mostly bows or mostly browns, today was a brown day.

    That last one measured just a touch over 14"
    About 14-15 total. One super small-scale five inches, the rest were all decent sized.

    They were all caught on either a size 16 midgey thing

    Like this ^

    Or a tag fly, I was using a size 18-20 black zebra midge, no flash.

    I just can't believe they can see these small flies in that pea soup, but I'm sure glad they do.

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    Those look so much better outta the net. What's that orange you used in the collar? Thin skins?
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    And we are the dreamers of dreams,
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      Fluro thread

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        Nice fish and good looking fly. Do you have a link for the fluro thread? I couldn't find it searching with google.


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          This should do it

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            tough times, tough water, good fishing Splatek, thanks for the report

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