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Odd find at JB

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  • Odd find at JB

    Went out to JB this afternoon and found this in the river. Looks like it may have been shot but couldn’t tell. Hadnt been in the river for very long from the looks of it. Anyone seen anything similar before?

    Not sure why the pic isn’t showing up, here’s the link
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    There are a ton of deer in that area, but I can't think of anywhere someone would be able to legally hunt. That is indeed strange. Hopefully someone called DNR.


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      Iíve seen probably a dozen of deer like that in the river. Most in my opinion got caught trying to cross the river and got caught by rising water from a release.
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        Originally posted by baldea View Post
        Iíve seen probably a dozen of deer like that in the river. Most in my opinion got caught trying to cross the river and got caught by rising water from a release.
        That wouldnít be surprising but the hole in its side (you can see in the pic) made me think otherwise. Could have been from a buzzard or something but it just seemed odd


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          There was a decent buck hung in a tree for several weeks last winter, in between Suwannee creek and Abbotts. He was totally out of the water on low flows. Was there til the buzzards picked him apart.

          I've also seen a coyote with a broken leg or hips huddled up in an undercut bank. Back legs didnt work right. Coulda been hit by a car or kicked by livestock.

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            I tried to edit the link but it didn't work.
            Let's try this:

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              This is from a few months back at JB:

              Chances are it got hit by a train and runoft, although I have found dead deer in the woods above the bridge that where clearly shot.

              Haha, check the comments from your link. Did you at least get the tail?
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                The deer are chasing this time of year.

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                  They do have Buford Dam lottery deer hunts from time to time. Here's one from the COE Face Book page:

                  For those of you lucky hunters selected for the Buford Dam Hunt this year, your time has come! The hunt will be scheduled for Tuesday, November 14th through Thursday, November 16th. There will be a pre-hunt safety meeting Monday 13th at 7pm at the Project Office.

                  For your reference, we've posted a link in the comments section showing the various hunting zones.

                  For those not participating in the hunt, please note that Laurel Ridge Trail and parks associated with the hunt (Lower Pool parks, Buford Dam park, Lanier park and Burton Mill park) will be closed and inaccessible on those days. West Bank park will be open for normal use. For your safety, please plan ahead and do not go hiking through the parks on November 14-16th.

                  Signs will be posted prior to and during the hunt to alert visitors of the ongoing activity.


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                    I live in the neighborhoods around a JB and every year we hear or hear about night time poachers. Couple of years ago I came across a guy loading a buck into a pick up truck at about 3 in the morning. I tried to stop him but he took off.
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