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11/25 AM at the dam

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  • 11/25 AM at the dam

    I only had a couple of hours this morning so I stuck around the creek entrance at the dam. I worked an area a couple of hundred yards long but didn't need to move much to find fish.

    Today was the first time that bows outnumbered browns in quite some time with a few good fish in the mix.

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    Goodness gracious! The dam is where all the fish are! I have re-waterproofed my walker, added an anchor and spiked Vibram feet, so I may get out today

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      Sun AM

      Why is it the only times I do not check the generation schedule they throw in a generation to screw with me. Sitting here in my car waiting for 9am apparently. I got all dressed and then the siren started going off at 7:55am. Ugh. Oh well, gives me time to finish my coffee. Hope to see you out here.



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        Some of those rainbows get siphoned through the pumps outta the runways at the hatchery.
        We are the music-makers,
        And we are the dreamers of dreams,
        Wandering by lone sea-breakers
        And sitting by desolate streams;
        World losers and world forsakers,
        On whom the pale moon gleams.


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          Surprised you didn't get into a bunch of these. Guess what else loves the icy cold waters of the Buford Dam rock cut ? Find out at 11:11 and 12:37 of this video.