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IF 11/26 Oh well, Beautiful Day!

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    Originally posted by Big T View Post
    Well I had to find out for myself how good IF has been fishing. So since I had a day off and I new RScott was working and couldn't low hole me I headed to IF. Man Island Ford Rocks!!

    Those were the small fish. Most fish were too big for me to hold in one hand for a picture.

    Good one, T. Can see the dam in the background on the first one.

    By the way, I heard they dumped a huge load of stockers at the Dam and IF the other day...
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      Originally posted by GoutUnlimited View Post
      Heres how we solve this: IF Showdown. WRich and Rscott vs. Big T and Prowler. Rscott will put up his massive 401K and T and Prowler all the bonus money from unpaid claims throughout the years (This will go into a fund for Rscott once they cancel his SS benefits). The winners will fish the Dam for a year and and the losers exiled to the wade in the bowels of IF, Bull Sluice. Any proceeds will go to replacing Swampmans prop.
      I'm down. What say you T? Although Rscott will probably have to work.
      I know where they live, I know what they eat. Now it's time to fool them with thread, feathers and roadkill.

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        All of you fishing my neighborhood. I might have to get out and fish - or throw some rocks.

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