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  • Ima call it 20

    I started out nymphing settles today waaaaay below the bridge. The bite was just about nonexistent.
    As I was getting rigged up to hit a spot I saw some pretty heavy movement against the bank, so I through a bugger on the end of my euro leader and started swinging. I started with a heavy black one and kept getting hung up, so I switched to a smaller unweighted white bugger. I just started down the center of the river swinging that thing through every riffle, run, and structure I saw. I got a couple short strikes right off the bat. About ten minutes in I finally connected, and he was not small.
    It was quite possibly the longest five minutes of my life. I was using a 3wt nymphing rod, single click drag, and 6x tippet. He about put me in my backing a couple times. I’m really quite surprised he never broke me off. He stayed glued to the bottom the hole fight. I finally wore him out enough to get close and muscle his head up enough so that I could net him.
    If I wasn’t nervous enough I had just took a gamble on some fenwick tippet that was half the price of the competition with 50% more tippet, so I was praying the stuff held up all during the fight. It did and I would buy it again in a heartbeat!
    I didn’t get a really good pic with a solid reference point for a proper measurement, but i think it’s safe to say he’s 19”+.

    I tried to replicate gau’s epic self portraits, but all I ended up with was this pathetic grip and glen.
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    Aaaaaaand one more pic
    Fly tying instagram @erikclymore


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      What a fish Erik, glad all the hard work paid off!


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        Just for wearing that ridiculous boonie (not as bad as that homeless ironic woolie you wore yesterday), its safe to say that fish is at least 21".

        I hope you took it home, otherwise all those other browns are going to reach a growth plateau Congrats man you deserve it, especially after that other one.

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          Going by the size of your photographs, I was going to guess 40 feet.
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            Nice fish!! You wrangle a brown like that and you can wear whatever hat you want!! Great work!


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              That's a good fish Erik, looks like boogers are back in style

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                Heck yes man! Really happy to see that for you!

                That's a full grown trouts right there!
                I like em big fat and sloppy.


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                  Great fish brother. Sounds like a heck of a fight to get into the backing. And on a 3wt was probably some fun. Very cool, congrats!


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                    Great brown and congrats!
                    Hey Big T, what stands out in this report (this is getting fun)


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                      Sweet fish! Congrats.


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                        OMG! Congrats man. That's quite a fish. Good work!
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                          Good fish man. Thats awesome you were able to stalk up on the action and try a few things, then having it connect.



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                            Nice fish Erik!!! Longest 5min of your life but well worth it in the end!!! Even has a nice kype jaw starting as well!!! Congrats!!!

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                              That fish has reached the "how the hell is that thing head so Big? And so wide?" Status.

                              After 20 or so inches their heads just seem to take up way more real estate.
                              I like em big fat and sloppy.