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    Originally posted by LureheadEd View Post
    Personally, I would not launch on the river without an outboard of some sort unless the plan was to drift down to the next ramp....I've been caught by an unannounced release before above Medlock with just a trolling motor (yes it was several years back) and it's no fun struggling to the ramp as the flow increases, even going back downstream to where I put in....
    Well said. I was thinking the same thing. Be sure you have a plan for getting pushed downstream against your will, if that were to happen. That possibility has a probability greater than zero.


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      Well since I can't fish tomorrow on account of the weather I think I'll just visit all the ramps to see what they look like and the possibility of launching from each. That way when I come back with the boat I'll have a better idea what I'm up against. Thanks everyone.