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  • Small browns

    While Saturday was full of snowball fights, making snowmen, and sledding, today was father son outdoors day. First stop: Buford trout hatchery. Spencer says, "dad, did you know brown trout could get THAT big?"
    After that, our plans for a hike were squashed by repeated "dad, can we PLEASE go fishing"
    < Twist my arm>
    We hit an easy spot that we could cast either the ultralight spinning rod or the tenkara, the only two rods in the "troutmobile"
    After nothing on the baby rainbow rapala, third cast with the tenkara and a Walt's landed this little fella.

    Then a few more slightly, but not much larger.

    And a few pictures thru a piece of ice (sorry about the falcons sweatshirt, not sure where he got that nonsense)

    Then off to hockey practice

    A few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches On the tailgate and we were done.

    On the drive home, "dad, I really had fun today; I really like spending time in nature with you, we should've gone camping. We wouldn't have frozen...

    We will wait until it's above freezing, don't call dfacs just yet. Haha

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    Cherish the days. They grow up fast! There will come a time he'll be off running around with his buddies ,or chasing a woman.
    Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. ~Mark Twain


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      Now that's good stuff.


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        You have earned some serious dad karma!

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          What awesome memories made with Dad & Son. I hope later in your son's life he will cherish those memories made with you. I hold those times spent with my Dad to carry me through my difficult times and challenges.

          "Not every Soldier is a Joe"

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