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Figures.. Forget waterproof case for phone and....

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  • Figures.. Forget waterproof case for phone and....

    Got out this morning after being cooped up with the kid for a couple of snow days.. Ah, the Hooch... The dam was peaceful with just me and Big T roaming around.

    I caught fish on small midges(not as many as Big T but I did hold my own). I could only stay for a couple of hours and on the way out hooked into a nice fatty... I was Euro nymphing and went to set the hook at the end of the run and wham, there he was... Gave a great fight and managed not to lose him. I did put him up against my fly rod for a quick reference. Measured the points when I get back and he was a solid 16+. He had a big head so I think he will grow up to be a monster one day.