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I'm gonna got you sucka!

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  • I'm gonna got you sucka!

    Am I the only one who loves catching suckers? Am I the only one who looks forward to the sucker spawn? Am I the only one who actively targets them? If there are any others, we may need to start a sucker fly fisher support group...
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    That video you sent me was SWEET!!! One lively sucker for sure!!! Tell us more... and show us!!!

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    • #3 name is vancheesey and I'm a sucker addict...(group) "hi vancheesey", other than brown trout, pound for pound, nothing in the hooch will put a bend in a 5wt like a sucker... they are out od sight 48 to 50 weeks a year, but when the spawn (now) they are out and about like crazy... they are super strong and heavy and they will dive deep and run straight upstream and will rip your line off the reel....I love these goofy looking fish and they are a blast to catch...
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        Do suckers jump during spawn? I was on the river Sunday and a fish was constantly jumping a good 6" out of the water all afternoon. I thought it looked like a sucker but convinced myself it was a carp. Tried to catch it for a while then moved on.