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JB 2/23 Not Dam Good (but I will take it)

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  • JB 2/23 Not Dam Good (but I will take it)

    Another rare February day, river dropped nicely after some good pushes from the dam, boss is out of town, going fishing! Evidently the dam was the place to be (always) but I went to JB as IF was still receding and I didn't have that much time. Only one other angler around the island and thought I was going to have a great day catching fish, wasn't in the playbook, but it was a beautiful day.

    Same runs and flies as Saturday, more than a few small gray caddis in the trees and bushes, but almost nothing to hand. Went the Hail Mary route and tied on a hares ear SH with a gold tungsten bead followed by an unweighted SH and got one bite.....

    Left in time to catch the peak of rush hour traffic, so my week was complete. Maybe some days are meant to be fishing days and not catching days so that we can just enjoy the experience. Maybe Gout is my good luck charm or he cursed me on Saturday, doesn't matter (too much), I had fun and caught a fish. Get out today, because it's going to rain tomorrow....

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    First of all everyone can see that worm tail hanging out that fish’s gullet.

    Second be careful with them releases. At you superannuated junction you should probably wear PFDs around the clock. Even while driving or crossing the street, a broken hip is no laughing matter at this stage.

    Third this goes to show just how easy they got it up there at the dam with all the big browns,

    4th maybe a senior safety wading seminar might be a good idea with these coming flows.

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