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Saw something unusual at Buford Dam

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  • Saw something unusual at Buford Dam

    I was there today when I saw a guy throwing a cast net at the boat ramp. One of those circular nets with weights on the end. Unusual to me and is it legal?

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    Perfectly legal on the lake side of the dam. Completely illegal on the tail water section of the CRNRA though. Only one hand held rod may be used when fishing the designated trout waters of the river.
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      Possibly not legal. Others may be along shortly to clarify. From the DNR:

      Seines, Cast Nets, Bow Nets
      • Only nongame fish less than 5 inches in length may be taken using a minnow seine and are not to be sold or used for commercial purposes.
      • All other fish and eels taken in minnow seines must be released immediately unharmed into the water.
      • A minnow seine must be less than 20 feet in length and have a 3⁄8 inch or less mesh (square or diameter).
      • Minnow seines may not be used in designated trout waters.
      • Minnow traps are illegal in freshwater.
      • Dip nets and cast nets may be used to take threadfin shad, gizzard shad, and blueback herring for bait except cast nets may not be used in State Park Lakes.
      • Bow nets are considered sport shad fishing gear and shall have a minimum legal size of 3 inches stretched mesh.
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        100% Illegal if on the river. There were some guys at Jones Bridge a few years ago that were busted doing the same thing.

        Glorious day in my book watching a couple bad guys get busted.
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