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  • In between releases

    Was able to sneak out yesterday for an hour, maybe less. Dry drop wasn't doing me any good and the wind was tolerable so I tight lined and ended up with four.
    They all pretty much looked like this

    Off to Iceland today with the GF for a week holiday.
    Catch y'all later

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    Are you fishing in Iceland? Supposed to be excellent for salmon...


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      Originally posted by djangofly View Post
      Are you fishing in Iceland? Supposed to be excellent for salmon...

      Nah couldn't make the trip during the season, not afford the guide trip.
      The GF has been taking about it for over a year and has never used her passport, it was an Xmas gift to her. This Xmas it was all about travel. She got a trip; Spencer and I planned our annual father son outing.

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        I missed you at Smiths.

        O splateko, splateko, where wast thou splateko?
        Deny thy family and refuse thy responsibilities!

        Have fun in Iceland.


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          Have a great time in Iceland. I was just talking to a buddy who came back from Iceland yesterday. He didn't want to come back. I heard their hot dogs are really good. Also, the booze are super expensive so buy it at the duty free... we'll miss your daily fishing updates. Haha
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