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  • Dam sucks

    Finally had a day off after returning from my vacation Sunday, so I took off to hit the dam. As I walked in I heard The Helicopter. I had no idea it was about a foot off the water. Not sure if that's typical

    The stocked fish were eager to eat as the water receded from one of the several releases today. The browns were harder to find. Ended up with about fifteen with a mix heavily weighted in favor of bows over browns. Then on the way out, still casting, I mean if that's what you could call it with the wind, I snagged on the bottom. But, right as I gave slack and walked toward the snag the line tightened. I saw a flash of gold, brown, a big flash. Big ol fight, stuck to the bottom, then I see it closer....

    first sucker outta the hooch for me.

    Also on the way out I saw this six plus inch crawfish carcass. The big browns must love these things when they can get into them.

    No claws, so perhaps a freshwater shrimp?

    I checked the temperature at the truck and realized we had warmer days in Iceland. Wth Georgia?

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    You now have experienced the fun of sucker fishing!
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      That sucker looks chill bro! Choppa was prolly cruisin for fresh merks.
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        Gwinnett Search and Rescue does that a lot. They did it for a lot of Monday's last year during the spring. Most of the time it is during high water but they do get out when the water is at non-release depth.. I had one buzz my head several times last year.