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  • Glutton for punishment x2

    Well was I mistaken. Thought the wind would die down today. Ugh,not so much. Took the day off due to the amount of non release time at the dam. Start early but could not placate the fish. They were feeding but there were a lot of bugs out. Finally got around to tying on a small brown midge and the fish started biting. Had a lot of misses due all to the wind . Managed a bunch over the course of the day. My son joined me around 2 and he pulled in his first two fish on the fly. He was a trooper with the gusts and was still able to make good drifts with the dry-dropper rig.

    On a side note,had some issues with my triple surgeon knot breaking off after trying to set the hook. We lost the whole bottom midge several times. This is the first time this has happened to me. Can anyone make a guess why the knot broke? My rig was 0x to 2x to 4x(dry tied at the end of the 4x) then to 6x with a midge at the end. The line would break at the knot connecting the 4x to 6x?????



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    Maybe too much differential in size. 4x to 6x instead of 5x to 6x. I generally use level tippet for most applications. Also I don’t know if your using mono or fluoro. If your tippet is old, it will break. Seat the knots well spittle supposedly helps with friction when cinching. Sometimes an overhand knot is also added so the tag sticks out more at 90 degrees. I don’t know if you do this also, I used to until Steve H told me it decrease knot strength and I did notice a difference with less breaks after removing this step.

    Some folks prefer a blood knot for tags, which IMO is worse and a pain to tie. I don’t always rerig between outings, on these days I will have more knot failure.

    Could also be you dry fly is above the water,while midge in the water and the surface is creating resistance on your sets. No need to set hard. A simple flick of the rest will move the rod tip a good 12 inches.
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      I know for me it's about old tippet. When I returned from Iceland, my rod, which is always rigged and ready to fish has sat in my garage for seven to ten days. Exposed to changed in temperature, ambient fuel and oil fumes from the bikes, and god knows what else (we've got two bird nests). I broke off twice before I was like forget this, and completely re-rigged. Also those stockers are big... Judy my two cents, which is actually worth a little less than that...

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