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Wind, what wind?

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  • Wind, what wind?

    Fish were on fire today. I caught 15-18 in about 2.5 hours. They were sitting on the bottom but did eat. I caught the pictured fish twice I think. The Heron sat down beside me for a while really close(10ft). He thought better of trying to get my fish! .
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    Awesome. I'm guessing you went up to the dam. The rest of the river looks pretty well blown out.
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      Nice catch! My wife and I hiked from the hatchery gates up to the dam and back and it was a windy sunny beautiful day out there.


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        Yeah the wind was nasty, but mostly in gusts. I was able to toss a few casts between gusts and they were eating everything that hit the water.
        I bet you're as glad as I am that we got out there!
        Saw your jeep on the way out, but missed you on the water...


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          Splatek, thought that was your truck. I started up by Haw Creek and ended down mid island. I was throwing micro buggers with some success but when I switched back to euro is when things really picked up. I think I was knocking them on their head to get them to bite but they did bite. It helps the ego after my poor showing in the tourney this past weekend.

          See you out there soon.