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6.57mi of Hooch SILTED IN from MF to Island Ford

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    It's very silty between Holcomb and Island Ford as well.


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      Excellent documented data on the Chattahoochee river channel and the effects of sediment from Island Ford to Morgan Falls. I agree that the build up is mostly due to the sand dredgers closing shop. I wonder how bad it has to get before the flow rate is really impacted. There are many threats to the Chattahoochee and I think that this is one that will not go away without some intervention.


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        Originally posted by THE EG View Post
        The build up of silt and sand at Azalea Drive is the reason we moved the NGTO Kid's Fishing Day to Holcomb Bridge about ten years ago. We noticed over a number of years no kids were catching fish (where they had before) and as the water was only about a foot deep at that point, we figured when the trout were stocked they would swim off to parts unknown, probably to look for deeper water.

        I think the ending of much of the sand dredging on the river probably is a component, if not the major reason.
        You also had another sand operation just north of McGinnis Ferry Road that is no longer operating.