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    Originally posted by Philhutch80 View Post
    Just wait, it actually gets better when you learn to navigate the whole river. You can literally choose sections where even on a busy nice day, you might only see one or two other people if any at all. That is usually when you see the wildlife. Heck a month ago when it was raining on a sunday morning, I went past this blowdown with a big root ball that had soil piled on top with grass all over it. There was a canine of some sort on top of it and I could not tell if it was alive or dead or a fox or coyote. I got within bout 25ft before it stood up and retreated back shoreward. Healthy looking coyote for sure. I have definitely been able to find solitude amongst the 7.5 million people that surround me. Truly is such a huge blessing.

    Cool man. Yeah I've only launched out of Abbott's, JB and Medlock so far and haven't really ventured past any shallow areas. But once in a while I get to go out on weekdays and it's just awesome.
    Hi my name is Charles and I'm a fishaholic.

    Some days I'm the hook and some days I'm the fish.

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      Fly tying instagram @erikclymore


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        Great stuff and Congratulations!


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          What was interesting is the water was a pea soup color but it did not affect the fish. I thought it would. First time I have caught fish with water being that stained or murky.