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    Originally posted by Baker View Post
    I think sections of the hooch should be closed to fishing just like they do on the South Holston. That river is so good because itís managed correctly. I know most of you on here respect the wild browns of the hooch just like me. However for those who canít respect it, makes it frustrating for those who can.
    I understand where you are coming from but you have to look at the state holistically rather than just the individual watershed in this case. Tennessee takes a much different approach to fishery management than the state of Georgia does for a variety of reasons. There was a thread about this earlier year asking which state around us has the best fisheries management and several members said Tennessee without a doubt. Now does that mean we are doing it wrong or the DNR is doing it wrong? Not necessarily, but they certainly have not had the budget to support testing this theory. If you want to see a change and make a change make sure you vote tomorrow for the Georgia Stewardship Act. It is our best chance as citizens to do something about the outdoors here. It can add $$$ to the coffers for the DNR so they can do more. Ultimately though remember that we live in the state where the world record largemouth bass was caught and as cold water fishermen, we fight an uphill battle. Least we have some good allies(DNR &members)!!!

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      South Carolina recently made an area on the Saluda River tailwater catch and release because the trout spawn in that area.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but parts of the Hooch used to be closed to fishing during the fall and winter?

      It was a seasonal stream?

      If biologists thought damaging redds and spawning trout was real, they would not have made all GA trout streams year around fisheries a few years ago.

      Some states go overboard in protecting spawning trout.
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