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  • Keep going upstream

    With all the rains... keep going upstream.
    Visiting my parents in the mountains this weekend and got in a little fishing. Had to keep going upstream to get to some lesser flowing water. Started with a brown right away. Didnít take long to get into the rainbows. And after getting above some falls picked up a couple Brookies. Landed 17 in a few hours of fishing and hiking. No telling how many came unbuttoned. These trout definitely donít live in ugly places.

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    Good to hear you got some time on the water gp...Fish like those sure make the hiking worthwhile - not to mention the beautiful surroundings they live in..Thanks for sharing..
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    Tight lines!!



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      Nice slam this time of year and weather conditions!!
      "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover


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        Georgeous brookie. Well played.


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          Beautiful Brookies! I did a lot of scouting this weekend with the rains that came in. Hoping to sneak back out tomorrow!
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