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    After learning to fish on the Hooch and Ami, I've recently been making the drive into the mountains in the search of bigger fish. The past couple trips I would find myself hooking up with these fish and them easily breaking my line (I normally fish with either 5x or 6x). This has caused me to do some more research into types of tippet, when to use tippet, etc. I finally made it back up into the mountains about a week ago and no more than 15 minutes into the trip I hooked up a BIG ONE. After loosing a couple similar sized fish, I had come prepared with some 4x tippet, and fought the fish for about 15 minutes before bringing him in. A more skilled fisherman probably could have brought him in faster, but I wasn't willing to take any risks and possibly lose him being aggressive. I'm still learning how to fight and tire a fish out before bringing him in. The fish I learned to catch in the Hooch and Ami didn't really help me learn how to properly set my drag, keep tension on the fish, and so on. I know it's not a total monster like some of the fish on here, but it's certainly one of the best i've caught.


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    Great story and fish. Congrats


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      That is a fine fish indeed. Well done.


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        Hehehe the dance in the stream when they start running around the legs is always fun!

        Good Job man!!!!

        Its always good to see someone of the big fish frame of mind!
        I like em big fat and sloppy.