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  • Great Tuesday

    Hooked up with 3wt and hit a small stream.
    Gorgeous day.
    Great fishing, like really great fishing.
    Huge hatches and even huger giant light may flies...
    This was my best fish for the day when taking into account size and species

    Mark and I both landed a ton of rainbows. I even got one on the first cast.
    He got many more than me and many more really big wild fish.
    They're eating well, fattened up and super aggressive.

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    Great job Splatek.


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      Man, that's a hoss of a Brookie! What time of the day were the bugs coming off? As the Summer heats up, usually tend to see best hatches near dusk, especially the Yellow Sally stoneflies.
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        Wow... and I thought I had a good day!

        Noticed the big yellow mayflies as well - didn't see many risers though.

        This guy was fun...



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          It was an awesome day on the water: great weather, perfect stream temp, big healthy and hungry trout, and hanging with small stream guru splatek16. An added bonus is watching Steve’s master dry-drop game, which is always educational. I think he caught ~75% of his fish on a dry, which was nuts, considering I caught ~5% on the dry. For dries, he said a Wulf and a yellow Stimi were hot; for nymphs, standard hares ear and a Higa SOS.

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   long was that big wild speck in your pic? It is qyickly approacging 12", correct?
            I fished the upper Chatt River just before last light tonight and saw those big mid-May to early June mayflies I have observed for years. They are larger than typical mayflies, and this is the time when I begin to sling yellow panfish poppers to imitate them, and when I slay trout on said poppers just before dark on them.
            I spoke of these larger yellow-ish mayflies coming off from mid May to Mid June to a guide at Unicoi Outfitters named Jake Darling just 2 weeks ago. He didn't know of/realize/understand/or identify these larger yellowish mayflies. When I spoke of them this time of year, he looked confused there in the shop. I guess he wasn't aware that larger may flies come off this time of year.
            Anyway....I saw them for the first time tonight. I will be slinging yella poppers from tomorrow until the next few weeks for trout. It is yellow bug time for trout now!


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              Dang, that's much bigger than any small stream I've seen before. Need to find me one of these "small rivers"


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                Kyle, yeah I think he was pushing 12"
                He fought like a champ! Went air born.
                It was an unusually large pool where I nabbed him. On my little collapsible E'claw, felt awesome.

                And poppers!? I literally use the same rod for bream and ripped off a yellow popper to tie on traditional trout flies.... Ugh....
                I'm sure it's still somewhere in the truck.... Unless Spencer sat on it.

                Lumis that's the lower section, gets smaller and smaller, quickly

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