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  • Wildcat Creek Report

    Was up at a buddies place on Burton this weekend and decided I’d hit up Wildcat Creek Sunday afternoon since i had my rod and trout bag in the car and it was on the road home. Plus I set a goal this year that I’d catch trout during every month and still needed to tick June off the list.

    Never fished Wildcat before but that wasn’t exactly a hard creek to figure out. Heck it couldn’t have been easier to find the holes that held fish if they’d put signs up. Pulled up to the first big pool that didn’t have a car already parked and brought great shame to my ancestors by hucking a size 6 baitholder generously dubbed with powerbait right into the slack current. Hooked up in about 5 seconds and had fish #2 on the stringer about 5 minutes after, both standard 10” stocked rainbows. As much as I thought that hole was going to give me a limit I had to leave after 10 minutes when a family with kids shows up and starts swimming towards my line without so much as a work.

    I moved upstream to the first bridge where I caught two more bows and briefly hooked into a good sized brown before he tossed the hook. Once again, had some other folks show up shortly after but this time they were content to throw their lines on top of mine instead of swimming. Took me setting my hook on a “fish” and watching one of their rods go nuts before I moved on again.

    Decided to hit some spots on the way back to my car that required climbing down steep banks to at least keep out the less nimble anglers. Landed my only brown of the day by dabbing over a big rock and had a nice time trying to wrangle him back around that same rock. Ended the day with another rainbow out of a deep run and a big 16in rainbow that gave me the slip right after I unhooked him.

    All said it wasn’t a bad day at all, even with a few discourteous folks messing up spots. frankly id rather have enough folks using our outdoor resources that crowding is an issue than to have too few. And those things are part and parcel of summer stocker fishing. My trout dinner tasted just as good as always and it only took me an hour and a half to put 5 on the stringer, and that could have been 7 if I’d remembered my net.

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    Good report, and the streak is intact!

    Exodus 29:18
    Then burn the entire ram on the altar. It is a burnt offering to the LORD, a pleasing aroma, a food offering presented to the LORD. God loves BBQ!


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      Great report. I hit Wildcat by myself on Friday after work (had a speck trip planned but friend bailed at last minute). I caught 25-30 or so in the last couple hours of daylight, slinging some stocker bedazzled junk. Hard to beat a peach egg. I caught a stocker slam (at least 1 brown, bow, and brook).

      On Sunday, me and the famdamily took a grill and had a cookout. Brought the spin cast rods for the kids, and hooked a dozen or so on corn and salmon eggs and let them ‘catch’ them. Good times!