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NGTO Etiquette Concerning the Small Streams Forum Specifically

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  • NGTO Etiquette Concerning the Small Streams Forum Specifically

    The posting of sensitive stream names and details is one of the most contentious subjects with trout fishermen. We ask that you please be wary of and refrain from posting sensitive stream names and information on the message board. Because of their small size and the pressure that even a single angler can place on them, small streams containing wild trout (especially brook trout in Georgia) are considered the most sensitive to publicity.

    Although it may be reasonably argued that there are no secret streams in Georgia that point is not relevant to this notice. The reason NGTO “works” is because members practice respect and restraint toward fellow trout anglers. The enjoyment that NGTO brings to many members can be replaced by irritation if what they consider some of their favorite spots (on any stream, anywhere, as a matter of fact) be broadcast to the public. The administrators of this website support this position and have posted here what was up until this time an unwritten rule concerning the most sensitive of Georgia’s streams.

    If you are in need of information about these particular types of streams, use tact and the privacy features available here such as email and private messaging to contact members about streams you may want to discuss. Many folks are often more willing to share privately what they do not want posted publicly. Remember though, simply because you ask does not mean anybody has to answer. NGTO is a voluntary organization as well as a trout angling community and nobody is required/expected to answer questions they choose not to answer.

    There are other sources of stream information such as several NGTO face to face gatherings where the topic can be discussed. Trout Unlimited functions, the Department of Natural Resources and at least three well known “for profit” publications may all be sources of detailed trout stream information. The other functions that are a wealth of information to trout fishermen seeking information along these lines are trout stream restoration projects. Demonstrate by attending a “stream work project” that you have the best interests of the sport of trout fishing in mind and you will probably receive more info than you could ever use.

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