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  • Is it possible?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to fish at Panther Creek? I'm headed for a camping trip there and was thinking about bringing my fishing gear. Has anyone fished there before? If so, how was it? Thanks.

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    I was thinking about doing the same thing, and was wondering the same. Tough part for me seems to be finding acess to hike in however.
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      Panther can be tough and the fish few and far between.

      1 - Check and see if the section you are fishing is a seasonal or year round trout stream.

      2 - Upstream from parking - small stream w/ some runs and little pockets. Downstream - larger water, some log jams and a few undercut banks. Water fall a few miles in. Large pool beneath waterfall and some decent pools a bit farther down.

      Lots and lots of hikers on Panther on a weekend. Very popular camp spot at falls = can be crowded.

      Not sure of stocking pattern. May not have been stocked since fall. You can catch red-eye (Coosa) bass below the falls.
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        Upper end will not have been stocked since the fall, and the lower not since july...probably not going to have much trout sucess, but its a beautiful creek anyway! try to find the less-acessed areas


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          My first "trout-fishing" was at Panther. Mighty pretty stream. I wonder about the name?

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            I have fished below falls in section extending almost down to lake and a decent to very good warm water fishery (red eye bass particularly as well as assorted sunfish). Could well be decent for red eye bass even above falls. Might be a little early but worth a try particularly if water flows reasonable. Red eye bass in these streams IMO sorta of behave like brown trout. Use streamers (muddlers good choice) or wooly buggers/nymph patterns or in line spinners with conventional tackle. Gets warmer poppers good bet. Nearby Broad River might be worth a try.

            Echo others that trout fishing though legal since this is year round stream may not be very productive. Other places nearby of similar character red eye bass and trout sometimes hang together.


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              Thanks for all the advice, guys. Does anyone know if the large pool below the falls is a good fishin hole? Riser, i know you mentioned it.


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                Panther Creek

                Not much of a name to worry about .................. try Panthertown Valley! Now that will wake you up! True story, named that for the presence of lots of big cats for early white settlers. The valley is shaped such that sound really does carry and I just imagine what it could sound like in mating season with two or more screaming at each other from separate sides of the valley.

                No fish there though, nope, not a one, don't even bother to go there ......