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EPIC BATTLE: I broke my rod in half . . . on an 11" rainbow???

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  • EPIC BATTLE: I broke my rod in half . . . on an 11" rainbow???

    This past weekend, Bonedog and I hit Buchheim Creek in search of, well . . . fish! While the entire day brought us fish, there was one fish in particular that is the sole reason this report is being written. So, I'll fast forward to this most story-worthy fish of the day and go from there.

    As we made our way upstream, we came up on a deep pool that looked like it should hold some fish. The water that day was a bit high and a little stained. It was my turn, so I stepped into pole position and made a few casts. Several drifts in and the sighter started to tighten. A hookset later and there was indeed a fish on. Bonedog asked me how big it was, and based on how it was pulling I replied, "About 11 inches."

    Naturally, I tried to bring it to the surface and then into the net, but I couldn't get it all the way out of the water. In fact, I could only bring it up to about a foot under the surface before it turned to head back down the water column. But, when it turned, it flashed its light-colored underside and Bonedog and I both said in almost perfect unison, "That looks bigger than 11 inches."

    Once it got done trying to get down to the bottom of the pool, I worked it back up and tried again to pull it up and out of the water. But again, I couldn't get it to break the surface. It wasn't that it was pulling that hard, it just wasn't coming up that easily. As it turned to head back down for a second time, it again flashed its silver belly and through about eight inches of slightly stained water, we both saw what was most certainly not an 11-inch rainbow. It was a submarine. Bonedog saw it and said, "Dude. That is a BEAST."

    Apparently this thing wasn't quite awake at the beginning of the fight or something, but now he was dang wide awake and ready for this whole thing to be over, like yesterday. Right before our very eyes, his clothes started to tear away from his body, he turned green, got WAY bigger, flexed his muscles, and was off to depths unknown like a nuclear-powered sub (the fish, not Bonedog). The battle was ON.

    Over the next five minutes, my rod (and my arm) got a serious workout. Low side-pressure to the right. Then low side-pressure to the left. Then back to the right. Then back to the left again. After what I thought might have been enough, I tried to get his head out of the water so I could finally net him. Yeah. Not even close to being ready. That just made him open up the side ports, crank up the propeller to full throttle, and rocket upstream, forcing my rod to bow to him. Despite my Herculean build, by this point, my arm was getting tired. This fish was ridiculously strong and wanted nothing more than to be anywhere else but at the end of my line. His energy level hadn't diminished one bit since he had turned into the Hulk, but mine was already beginning to wane.

    There was some shallower water upstream, so I tried to coax him up there so I could maybe have a better chance of getting him in the net. But, there was also some brush on the left and a submerged log on the right up ahead from which I knew I had to keep him away. But sure enough, as soon as he saw his get-out-of-jail-free card on the right, he fired up the afterburners (this is a sub from the future folks, work with me here) and gave it all he had. He made it literally within a few inches of being home-free when I put the screws to him to keep him from making it all the way to the log and breaking my heart. Little did I know he was about to break something else of mine.

    I managed to pull him downstream a couple of feet of the log and into safer waters (safer . . . yeah . . . right). Then, in a split second, he shot straight downstream, my rod doubled over into a shape in which I've never seen it before, and then . . . it happened. My rod came apart . . . or so I thought. I said to Bonedog, "Aw man, my rod came apart." To which, Bonedog replied, "I don't think so, man. I think your rod just broke in half."

    Yep. He was right. Broken in half it was. And immediately the entire feel of the fight changed. For a half a second there was no more tension on the line. Did he get off???!!! I turned to face the fish downstream to try to see if the fish was even still on. Then the leader snapped tight again! It was!!! Hot dog! Then I thought, "Now I HAVE to land this fish. There is no way I'm walking away from this with a broken rod and an empty net."

    What I didn't know was that at this point, the battle was only half over. By now, my arm was getting sore. Not to mention, this U-boat has taken the last half of my rod down into the deep and my sighter is coming out of the third guide of my stiff-as-a-board half-rod at a 90-degree angle. I'm looking at all that stress on the sighter at that guide and just hoping that it doesn't snap under all of that tension. Thankfully I tied on 4X tippet that morning, but dang. Dude's already broken my rod in half, what's to stop him from snapping my tippet?

    Over the next five minutes I try numerous times to gently (as gently as you can pull a washing machine off the bottom of a pool with 4X) get him up to the surface so I could net him, but to no avail. I would get close time after time after time, but he still had enough energy to get spooked and swim off.

    After a bare minimum of five attempts to get him in the net that were so close that I could feel the net bump the mass that was his body, there was still a huge question mark looming over him. He was still out there and my net was still empty - and my rod was still broken in half.

    By now he was starting to slow down. So, one more time, I gently pulled him back towards me and, when he came up to the surface, I jammed the net into the water and . . . BOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!! It was the victory cry heard round the world! You would have thought Bonedog and I had just won the Olympic gold in . . . something with two people. Yeaaaahhhhh!!! I didn't care one bit that my rod was now two rods, all I cared about was that this battle had been won!

    We revived the fish in the net before running the tape on it - 21 1/2 inches in length x 13 1/2 inches in girth and right at five pounds. After getting a few pics, we released it. That was by far the hardest fighting 11-incher I've ever done battle with.

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    Hahaha!! Great read to start my day!
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      Great fish story!

      Is your rod under warranty?

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        Thanks for writing this up! I've been looking for a good way to start the day. This is every bit as good as a cup of coffee for getting the eyes to open!
        If you have difficulty understanding the post above, read it out loud and it should make sense. This NGTO member is known for his poor hill-billy upbringing and his affinity for all things from Louisiana (particularly if it relates to LSU). It makes for a poor mix of accents and much difficulty in translation. He was doing well for so long, but now seems to have regressed.


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          That's the best way to break a rod.Nice read..
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            Beats the hell out of snapping it in two with a car door.

            PS: Look at it this way; whatever that rod cost to replace or repair, the story you now have was worth every penny you paid for it!
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              Wonderful story T23 and glad Bonedog was with you. Love reading these kind of stories. Sounds like a Moby Dick Story and you won the battle and Moby got to live another day. Very Nice


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                Great read. My condolences for having to share that moment with Bonedog.
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                  AWESOME Story. Sorry about the rod. That was a little rainbow piggy.


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                    Like mentioned previously mentioned, that is the most not acceptable way to break a rod. Not sure it was worth it, but you have a great story of to tell - thanks for sharing.

                    I think it's all Bonedogs fault, he should buy you a new rod

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                      Thanks a lot y'all. Glad you enjoyed reading it.

                      I have a Cortland Competition Nymph 10' 4 wt. and I've contacted Cortland about it and I'm waiting to hear back concerning what I should do next. I'll report back with how the process goes.
                      I'm so old I remember when men wore tattoos and women wore earrings.
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                        Nice write up, Trouter. Bonedog has the fish mojo for sure!


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                          Great write up!! Love the metaphors!! And what an awesome fish!!
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                            Beautiful fish !!!! - what brand of rod


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                              Originally posted by freddie4501 View Post
                              Beautiful fish !!!! - what brand of rod
                              Thanks! Check several posts up for the brand.
                              I'm so old I remember when men wore tattoos and women wore earrings.
                              -Lefty Kreh