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Where are the fish?!!!

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  • Where are the fish?!!!

    Assuming the Chattahoochee is unfishable this weekend, does anyone have solid suggestions for other rivers to fish in North Georgia? My friend will be using a spinning reel while I will be fly fishing. I was thinking Smith but I'm not sure how good the fishing will be with a spinner (never tried it). Any thoughts or suggestions would be extremely helpful?!! Thanks!!

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    Check out my thread on tooga. You can spin fish the DH but you need single hook spinners. We actually fish pink wobblehead worms on #8 barbless hooks with enough shot to bounce the bottom.


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      With all of the rain we've had, options are pretty limited. The fish are there but tough to get too. There really aren't any great answers right now.
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        The Chattooga River DH will be in great shape. It's currently running at 2.23' on the Hwy. 76 gauge. That's very fishable but I would recommend walking in on the GA side. Most of the fishing is accessed from the GA side. Smith Creek is fishing good now also and is easily waded. Remember, as mentioned above, single hooks only for spinning gear on the DH streams. Dukes Creek, if you can get a spot, is really good right now. Challenging but the rewards are high.

        If you fish the Chattooga, plan to spend Saturday evening at the Dillard House with all of us who will be at the Rabun Rendezvous.
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