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    Deerhuntingdawg and I went on a little speck-venture today. It was hot, the creek was mighty thin and crystal clear, but we managed a few dozen. Mostly small 4-6 inchers, a couple pushing 8, but nothing in the 10+ inch class on this particular trip. Elk hair caddis was the fly of the day.

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    Although it was warm and low water conditions, I still had a ball. Hopefully the mountains we'll get some rain soon...


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      nice fish!

      I'm honestly surprised there aren't more tenkara fans on here (me and one or two others that i can think of). The amount of guys on NGTO that love the small stream action, and how well tenkara lends to it- I honestly can't see fishing streams like these with a rod/reel anymore.
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        Nice fish. The waters I tied last week were extremely low also. We need a week of streaky rain bad.
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          Wow. Nice finds!


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            Rain has been scarce this way. Had my first real rain in a month here in Homer last night. I already lost almost all my blueberries from my 11 6' bushes. I already lost all my persimmons from my 3 female trees here in the yard (usually drop mid Sept-November, but my trees are fruitless now). Thanks a lot rain!! I fished N******will creek last weekend and it was extremely skinny. Managed enough fish and a couple to bring home, but it was tough.
            Glad to see the specks are in good shape! Figuring I need to go up this weekend to collect a mess for a pan fry! Good job boys!! Fine fishing right there!! Seems like almost always the EHC is the ticket! I did catch a mayfly hatch on a speck stream a couple weeks ago. Doesn't happen often. I approached the pool I call the hog hole and sat there watching a speck rise to mayflies off the top. I found dead spinners and all that. Mayflies everywhere. Sort of pistachio colored ones. I kept watching the one speck darting from beneath a rhodo branch dangling in the water and rising to mayflies. I took my time, enjoyed the sight, then made one cast to him with A #16 EHC and a #22 WD-40 dropper. He ate the caddis. Ended up being a pretty little 8"+- fish. It was too late in the evening to try and keep a mess so I just let him swim. Went to the next pool up, cast the same fly, and caught a cookie cutter type of the previous. I lamented letting the last go. But being as the last one swam free, so did this one. Could have managed some fine dining had I left to fish earlier and planned better!!
            Great pic J!!!
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              Good stuff! We have finally started getting some rain around here.
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