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    Hey folks,

    I live about 25 minutes from the Amicolola Hwy 53 bridge so I try to get over there about once or twice a week. I've had success in the past using simple flies like zebra midges, hares ear nymphs, and rainbow warriors. Does anyone have any advice for new flies that I can try that would have more success? I've been consistently netting 2-3 fish every time I go, but it seems like I could be more effective and I'm wondering if my fly selection is off.

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    If I had to pick one fly to fish the Ami it would be a olive size 12 woolly bugger. Only question is do they want it drifted or stripped.
    Also had lots of luck with a Blue Assassin. Put them together and hang on.
    "I know your path has been tried and so it might seem like the way to go. Me, I'd rather be found trying something new. And the bottom line in all this seems to say there's no right and no wrong way..." The Offspring,1997


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      Are you going leader > bugger > BA? I could make a mess out of that reaaaally quickly...