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Smith Creek 2/20

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  • Smith Creek 2/20

    I drove up to Helen do some fishing on Prez. Day. Made my first trip to Smith Creek, and was able to land my first fish of 2017 (3 total and about 10 misses ). After fishing the Hooch on my last 4 or 5 outings, Smith was a great change of pace and really makes you work hard. I lost 5 flies, but fishing such a small stream was great practice.

    After 2-3 hours of throwing a bunch of different patterns at a couple of groups of rainbows to no avail, I finally decided to walk another 1/4 mile downstream to an area that seemed a bit more secluded. I finally was able to get a few strikes and land 2 on a size 18 BH Flash Back Hare's Ear and 1 on a zebra midge. All three were about 8 inches, but made the trip worthwhile.

    At the end of the day, downstream of the culvert, I saw a number of fish striking the surface...I was able to get one hit on a size 20 BWO, but couldn't land any.

    Looking forward to fishing FV in a couple of weeks with Big T...hopefully Smith was the warmup/practice I needed.

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    Smith is so much fun
    Good job

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