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Blue line report (browns n bows)

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  • Blue line report (browns n bows)

    First of all, hello everyone this is my first post. Ive been reading on this site for about 6 months and all the great info on here has made me a semi-successful fly fisherman! I bought my rod last October and have probably caught about 75 fish on it already thanks to everyone on here's help. This site is a great too for anyone who is willing to put some effort into using it.

    Anyways I figured its about time for me to start returning the favor to yall so here's my first report/fish porn.

    My brothers and I returned to one of our favorite wilderness areas where I had heard stories of three creeks coming together in one spot, with three waterfalls creating a much larger "river". I thought it was too good to be true and after one failed attempt to find the trail to this majestic place, we decided that, trail or no trail, we would put in all the effort we had to find it. Machete in hand we did a little crawling, creek crossing, hill sliding, and bulldozing through the brush only to find what I truly believe is the most beautiful place in Georgia.
    There they were, three waterfalls.... the roar from the water was so strong you really couldn't escape it and it almost made talking difficult unless you were right next to each other.

    Here's a picture of one of the waterfalls

    This place, compared to the areas around it that were on the beaten path, looked untouched. There was no trash and really the only evidence of humans was a fire ring of rocks (and i guess the presence of rainbows and browns).... anyways....My brothers don't fish so they went off up one of the streams climbing the waterfalls looking for the "perfect swimming hole" and I had the whole area to myself. Blue quills, quill gordons, and other bugs i didnt recognize were THICK in the air and i knew this was about to be good. I lined up my rod and picked a nice spot to start fishing. First casts nothing.... and then a fish SLAMMED my blue quill, I set the hook and i couldn't believe my eyes. I could tell it wasn't a rainbow and I got so excited!! My first wild speck (i was thinking) and this thing was big and from big water!
    Once i got it up i was even more surprised to find it was this beautiful brown which i guess makes more sense but it was my first wild brown!!

    And the great fishing continued with lots of small rainbows and even on more small brown!

    And finally, the last fish of the day was this hoss of a wild rainbow (my biggest yet)

    without this site i would still be trying to figure out how to attach tippet to leader and not catching any fish! yall are awesome and if i didn't currently live in Brunswick, I would be coming to all the events! I can't wait to meet some of yall.

    I would love to know if people know what place I'm talking about because i found very little info on it on this forum.

    Thanks for reading
    Im always looking for a fishing partner so we should make it happen!


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    That last bow is huge. I sent you a PM with my guess for the place. Never been there myself.

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      That is an awesome story, and fantastic pics!! Keep the post coming. I personally love the bush whacking stories!!
      Oh and glad you came out of the closet
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        Great report! Beautiful fish.
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          Great report


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            awesome report, awesome pics, looks like a fantastic place!
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              A special place indeed, love it in there!


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                I know that spot as well, its amazing up there
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                  Totally awesome report dude. Beautiful fish and great story. Next time I'm down on Jekyll or St. Simons we'll hit B&J's for some fried shrimp.
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                    Sounds great if you'll bring me back up to where the real trout are! People here get the wrong idea when I say I want to go trout fishing.....
                    Thanks for the kind words everyone

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                      Awesome 1st post jj. It looks like it was well worth the effort getting to that spot
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