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Best wild bow stream, yet

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  • Best wild bow stream, yet

    I found myself on a stream, again, today. It started out wide maybe 10 yards wide and slowly narrowed as I hiked on, 2-3 miles, I think. At times I got so far off course I could neither hear, nor see the stream, but I was (sorta) sure it was there. Just had to find (bushwhack) my way back to it. When I finally turned toward the creek I could hear the water, sounded big, like I'd come upon a waterfall. Nope. At its widest from this point on it was 5-6 feet across, in many places it was easy to stay out of the water by simply stepping over it. The depth in many of the plunge pools and runs still remained deep. The more I hit these small streams, the more I feel akin to searching out the spots I think others would not venture too. I'm pretty sure my bow and arrow cast is my best cast, seconded only by the dap, dangled thru rododendron, fearing the all too often snag. I remember thinking to myself today, "do you even know how to actually cast a fly rod?"
    I'm not sure...

    Today was honestly one of the best wild bow days I've had, both in number and color and personal enjoyment. Ended up with about 20+ to hand (or hat for a net in today's case).

    First cast into a long deep run and bam! An aggressive little wild bow stole my fly right off the surface, and fought reasonably hard for a small fish.

    I casted into every plunge pool, many of which I think we're deeper than they were wide or long, and from the depths a shadow would acceleratingly cone to the surface and demolish my dry. I didn't photograph them all, here's a sample. I wet my hat before deciding to use it as the net for the day. I'm nut sure that's kosher, but when fishing from the bank to be stealthy it's hard to wet those hands. Barbless hook pops right out and fish goes right back on the H2O.

    The best part of today is that I only covered a quarter to a third of the stream, so there's a reason to go back.

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    Great report! Great pics! Pretty fish!
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      I need to figure out a hat net trick for those times where you can't get down to the fish or the fish up to you.

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        Originally posted by I_got_skunked View Post
        I need to figure out a hat net trick for those times where you can't get down to the fish or the fish up to you.

        Yeah I hate making those little guys dangle by the hook.
        I think the key is to use a gaudy trucker hat. Lol

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          Those are crazy big for that size water, don't think I've really seen that size creek produce so many big wild 'bows. Love the improvised net. At first glance, thought it was a grille top LOL. #hat trick
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            Awesome report! Makes me want to cry sitting here down south but only 10 days until I'm up there!
            I know what you mean about trying to not dry hand then from the bank I did it to one on a tiny creek in the smokies and will never do it again it felt wrong lol. I've been thinking about getting a "large" aquarium net for small streams. It would be easy to carry and a suitable size for the wilds

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              Thanks for sharing!

              Got to love those wild streams!