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  • Bows below specks above

    I decided to go bluelining today, so I found a remote little feeder stream on a topo map that looked promising, and went to go check it out. When I got to the mouth of the stream it was extremely overgrown, but I fought through and it opened up more a short ways up. I caught several colorful rainbows, including a few that I thought were pretty good sizes for this small of a flow.

    After around a hour and a half of making my way upstream I reached the point that caught my eye on the topo map, sure enough where the map showed a big drop in elevation a impressive set of falls awaited me. I had to bushwhack my way up and around the falls... it sucked! I honesty thought about turning back, but I pressed on and made it above the falls, and luckily I was rewarded! There were beautiful brookies in every little hole and pocket, (seriously they were abundant) heck I caught 3 from the first pool I found them in. This is the best brookie stream I have found so far, and these specks while not huge were certainly not tiny either.

    I think these little guys are doing fine in this remote flow. They have probably been there since the last ice age, and will probably be there long after I'm gone. Bluelining does not always turn out this good but when you have a day like this nothing beats it.

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    Georgeous fish!! Looks like you had a good day!


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      Great post and fish


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        Totally awesome.
        Looks like your found a great spot

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          Look at the tail on that one speck!!!

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            Freakin' awesome!!!
            "Something to think about: If you fish the wrong fly long and hard enough, it will sooner or later become the right fly."
            ~John Gierach~

            Trophies are relative


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              There's nothing like a day like that!