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  • Bows, browns & boots

    I've had the small stream bug lately and decided to get out for a couple hours Friday afternoon for a solo trip. Being a late start I figured Big T had probably caught all the fish at the dam already anyway.

    I try to stay out of the places where I can get myself into too much trouble during solo outings and look for spots suitable to take the wife. I hit a spot that's not much of a secret and lacking much elevation not sure how it would fish being close to 90 degrees by 12:30.

    I almost felt like splatek when I managed 2 little bows in the first couple casts. One on the dry and one on a hares ear.

    After some hiking and scouting I fished a little more in earnest and spent some time actually changing flies for a change to see if I could find something hot. As usual I missed way more fish than I got to the hat net but did end up with a couple more little bows. A royalty payment has been sent to

    Moving on I found a deeper, slow pool and decided to change again and found a nice brown. I didn't think this spot got stocked very much but he sure did look like a stocker. Either way it was a nice surprise and fun on a small rod. Always nice to land a fish on some junk I tied.

    I can also recommend the new Simms Intruder felt boot for anyone looking for a good walking/wading option. I've been out 3 times now and have logged close to 20 miles in them. I was a little skeptical that the felt sole would be good on the trails or scrambling up and down the hills but they've been really solid and awesome in the water. There's just enough Vibram sole on the outside to not wind up on your arse on a slick trail. I do wear a good pair of thin running socks to take up some more space inside but I see where they would be good without also.

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    Great report.
    You and @Streamsidesam love those boots. Must be on the take. Ha.
    Those bows are gorgeous.
    And a big old brown on that little rod must've felt like a fern valley trophy.
    Great job.

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      Nice report its always nice to get a few right off the bat. They need to quit calling that style hat a trucker hat and call it a net hat.


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        Nice report - both on the fish and the review of the boots. I've been using the Freestone vibram for several years now, but the Intruder version you have caught my interest. Worth looking into. Thanks!
        Tight lines!!



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          Nice fish!! I think that hit net is really catching on!


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            Beautiful fish! I've put more miles then I can count on the guide boots I've had for 9 years. Are those the new boots Simms designed for the back country anglers?
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