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    Does anyone have a favorite map app they use to blue line. One where you can download the map at home, while you still have a signal and service.
    Seems like it might be handy.

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    Check out Caltopo.


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      I've used a couple of different ones, but I've found that I like to just stick with the good ole National Geographic topo maps with the waterproof coating. Dealing with touchscreen phones on a blue line can be a pain, and I've found it's quicker to find what you are looking for on a paper map.

      That being said, if you are on a creek where you can find service (which is far more common than you might think), having the gps feature can be very nifty.
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        Caltopo on PC and Avenza Maps on phone.

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          backcountry navigator is pretty amazing.


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            Back Country Navigator is hands down the best, but it cannot be purchased if you have an iPhone. My friends are always looking at my maps and saying "gah, your map is so much more detailed than mine!!!". The app is $12.00 now, but was $10.00 years ago when I bought it. It has downright saved my rear end on a couple of occasions. Literally the best $10.00 I have ever spent in my life.


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              Avenza is free and works just fine.


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                You're GPS function on your phone doesn't require service, however downloading maps does. If you down load maps onto your phone before losing service, you're set for the day. GAIA GPS is the best gps I've ever had, including some Garmins. You can take pics and it has a very user friendly interface. It operates with your phone on airplane, and has some pretty sweet features. Trust me. The 20$ is worth it.

                Airplane mode+low battery and my phone lasts for a few days.

                I want to add a few details. I always carry a compass and a NATGEO too. GAIA allows me to mark my favorites holes on a map just by taking a picture. It's a pretty amazing feature. I've got a few holes in the smokies that I can just drop into now. Previously, I had to go upstream until I found it or navigate with hard-to-find land features in the South. I mean, it's amazing. It's a fully functioning GPS. It tells me my pace and speed and everything. When I look at my app, I know which holes I have coming up if I need to adjust my rig. It's totally changed my approach to backcountry fishing. Most importantly for me, I am able to log all of the best fishing holes and locate them on a map within an accuracy of about 5 feet. Later, I can go back and look at my holes, speed, time if took me to fish, and how long it'll presumably take me to get out of the water and back to my car.
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                  Gaia GPS

                  I have tried Backcountry Navigator and Gaia GPS, and I prefer Gaia GPS. It has a nicer interface (IMO), and you can layer maps from multiple sources and change their order and opacity on the trail. I typically download the NatGeo Trails Illustrated and Gaia Topo maps for the area I'm going to (at max zoom level). One really nice thing about the Gaia Topo maps is that they are vector files (as opposed to bitmaps), which means that they zoom beautifully. I also think I get better battery life than with Backcountry Navigator, though I haven't done a really rigorous test. If I turn it off in camp, I can track a weekend backpacking trip if I start with a fully charged battery.
                  The pro version is twenty bucks for Android; I think you have to have pro to get the NatGeo maps. Well worth it. According to Adventure Alan, the iphone version is even better.


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                    Thank you all very much!