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  • going small

    I don't do a ton of small stream fishing, but I always enjoy my trips. Even though I did not catch any monsters, I love the look of the wild rainbows.

    I fished a popular crick outside of Helen and the fish eagerly hit small dries and PT droppers.

    After a little over an hour of stomping around, climbing things, getting on my knees to cast I decided a dozen or so little fish were enough to satisfy my small stream cravings.

    Here are some takeaways for those of you who may want to try:

    I went light (lanyard) and for those of you who know what a fly hoarder I am that was tough. You don't need that many flies, but do take flotant. Also take dries that easily float or dry.

    Take knee pads if you have them. It was easier to cast from my knees in a lot of areas.

    Use the trail if there is one. I climbed through too much unproductive water. Unless you enjoy that stuff use the trail to make the most of your day.

    Take light sunglasses. Yellow or yellow amber lenses are great. I have these but even then it seemed dark at times.

    Oh, and it's also great to have a friend that let's you borrow his 6 foot one weight! Thanks Randy.


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    A small fly box can typically house a spare leader and a spool of 6x mono or flouro. A pair of forceps, floatant, and pocket knife are the only tools I carry. My box only has small EHC from #16-24, and WD-40's from #18-22. Small streaming is fun simply for the sake of simplicity. It is nice to just shuck the cool-guy gear and just wear out some trout sometimes. Great post and great advice BIg T!!


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      I can still get down on my knees...the problem is that I can't get back up!
      "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."
      -Henry David Thoreau