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    Took about a 2 hour drive up to my favorite campsites on Dicks creek this weekend. I decided to bring my friend along with me this time. I warned him not to bring his spinning rod, but he did anyways and didn't even bother to bring his fly rod.

    When we claimed our campsite, I immediately set up camp and took a walk down to the stream. Found some nice holes and pulled a few rainbows out of them.

    We decided to go explore one of the feeder creeks of Dicks this time. The creek was not flat at all, it tumbled down on waterfall after waterfall. I found a really deep hole that looked popular for swimming and immediately pulled out some FAT but small fish. We kept hiking up and up and up... until the trail was practically nonexistent even though I was still catching fish out of every hole.

    MREs were for dinner, which always make my stomach toss and turn all night. The next morning, we packed up our gear and headed down to Waters. I didn't see a single fish, but still pulled out a few tiny, wild bows. My friend caught nothing during the whole trip (always fly-fish!). I was sort of disappointed that I didn't catch any browns or brooks, but it was still fun to catch feisty wild fish on the dry.

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    Nice post.
    Those are really healthy looking fish, the rain has really helped this year for sure!!
    I bet you buddy never leaves for the mountains again without a fly rod in tow.
    "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover