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  • Blueline

    Heckuva week.
    This semester has sorta sucked wrt to my fishing schedule... Leaving me to fish the hooch most weeks. And that in itself has been pretty awesome, because I'm getting better at that river.

    Thursday I got out there for a few hours and caught a bunch. Friday afternoon was even better. Landed me a bunch of browns, some larger, but these were the prettiest.

    Then Saturday morning started off with Spencer 6U football team winning in the first round of the playoffs. He had four solo tackles and one fumble recover. On to round two next week.

    Then today, I had a little extra time and decided to take a drive to one of my favorite small streams from last spring. So, I decided to load this thing, my walking stick+ personal bear attack safety device+ fishing rod into the ride.

    After walking in a few miles and getting away from at least half mile of stream that was littered with both Wal-Mart worm cartons and empty natty ice cans, I finally felt like I might have reached some good water. It sure was a cold day to be wet wading.

    the fishing on the main stream was slower than I remembered. Perhaps the sudden cold snap, the Gail force winds, my limitless list of excuses, either way I brought about twenty to hand. All bows. Then I heard some water running. But couldn't see it. I went on a little hike to explore and low and behold a small feeder that must empty into the main stream underbrush, underground or something.

    There's a creek down in there, in some places a foot or less in width. Getting down was easy #buttslide, getting out... Different story.
    But nonetheless, there were pretty little bows in the plunge pools

    On the way out I'm fairly confident it started to flurry ever so slightly.
    I was shivering so it was time go.

    Felt good being back on a small stream; felt bad seeing it defaced with litter.

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    Sounds like an excellent week- beautiful fish there. And it definitely was flurrying up in the mountains yesterday.

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      Football and fly fishin'; that's a great week. Congrats on finally getting back to the woods and small water. Great post and pix, but where's the hat net?
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        Nice report for sure!!!!
        But dang Splatek16 are you trying to compete with Big T about wet wading at least 1 day every month of the year??
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          Originally posted by Trout "R" View Post
          Nice report for sure!!!!

          But dang Splatek16 are you trying to compete with Big T about wet wading at least 1 day every month of the year??

          Trying. Gonna make it happen this year lol

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            Nice! Always a good feeling when you find some wild trout in a feeder creek


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              I thought the first small stream pic was too big of water for your tastes, glad you got up the feeder stream.

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                Nice report.
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                  Great report. Several of the feeders on that creek have brookies...
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