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Good day of fishing, Bad day of football

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  • Good day of fishing, Bad day of football

    I had a full blow kitchen pass with my wife being in (Phithadelphia). Decided to try and walk on at Dukes. Well there is a hunt going on, so there weren't going to be but 5 spots available. I was the 1st person in the parking lot. In pulls a car with 2 people in it. I meet Alex Boyer and his mom. Come to find out she forgot her waders and gave me her spot. I am a lucky man!!
    I walked up section 1 while talking with Ms. Boyer got all the way to the toilet bowl hole and realized my net was in my truck. I rarely ever fish with a net except when it comes to Dukes. You just never know what you will stick there.
    So back down the road I go get my net and then back up. As I passed the toilet bowl I saw Alex had one on.
    I dropped off into the water a few runs up and started catching a few fish. Broke off 1 pretty good fish and caught one about 20'. I also caught a brown. I fished on up to the pavilion. While I was at the pavilion Alex and his mom came up. I eased out of the hole and let Alex fish it. This young man is smooth and he definitely know how to fish Dukes. We stood and talked for a while and Alex stuck a pretty nice fish, as he was trying to net it she broke him off. I'm guessing 20"-22". I left and started back down the road and stared thinking. All I need is a Brookie and I would have a slam. So I checked out and headed to Smith. I fished for 30 minutes with 15 to hand, 4 of them were Brookies. Slam complete!!!!

    I had a very brief conversation in the parking lot with a fellow NGTO member MOG.

    Headed home listening to pregame. All is right in the world. Things were going well until about 4pm. Georgia got punched in the face and could not recover. I guess I should have stayed on the water!!!!
    "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover

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    Good stuff, I'm glad the fishing part of your day was successful. I've never been to Smiths but hope to in the next week or so.