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  • New trophy trout stream

    Last week, a few of us hit the newest trophy trout stream in North Georgia - Hatch Camp on Warwoman Creek in Clayton. In short, it was a blast. The weather was just about perfect for fishing - not too hot, not too cold, overcast, and off and on rain.

    Scott, the owner and all-around nice dude, is a guide and musician who brought both to bear here. He has about a quarter of a mile of streamfront property that includes a handful of streamside campsites (very cool), a stage where they put on free shows, and a fly shop complete with vintage gear and art. The stream was first stocked with rainbows and browns up to 20+ inches a little over a month ago and the fish are getting bigger by the day.

    After spending some time with Scott, it became clear that he actually cares about the sport of fly fishing in terms of preserving and growing it. To this end, he talked about starting up sometime next year weekend camps that would host kids and others that would host adults, both with an all-inclusive camp, eat, listen to live music, fish package. The outdoor kitchen isn't built out yet, but they're working on it.

    As far as how our day on the water went, the fish were hungry and had plenty of fight in them. It was nice to see 'em eager to go airborne and take you downstream in the hopes of losing the hook and gaining freedom. Some were lost, some broke off, and some were netted. The bigger ones were around 17 inches, so we missed netting the 20 plus inchers. OK, I'll shut up and get to the pics.

    New operational outhouse

    Front row seating with central heating

    Stream runs right behind stage and seating

    Antique operational outhouse. And, yes, Scott cleans them both. That alone, in my opinion, is enough to win TU National's highest conservation award.
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    Heard about this place. Looks really homey, the camp is a cool idea.
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      How do you get on this water?


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        Nice ad!
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          Originally posted by Baker View Post
          How do you get on this water?
          I heard about it from a guy in our TU chapter. He arranged everything, so I don't have a number or anything. Sorry. Try googling them.
          I'm so old I remember when men wore tattoos and women wore earrings.
          -Lefty Kreh


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            Facebook has the phone number
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              Warwoman is fun to fish anyways


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                First one is always informational.

                Looks nice. Phone # is (706) 782-3747

                Where's that fellow that was grousing about Warwoman having no fish in it a while back.
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                  Had a blast catching with Brian and Steve!
                  Contact us through Facebook or as well as above phone number!

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