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Smith Creek is on fire! Brookies! Video!

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  • Smith Creek is on fire! Brookies! Video!

    Hit Smith Creek for a few hours this week and, as the title says, it was hot. So, first, let me say a big thank you to our DNR who do an excellent job of planning and executing everything necessary to make these DH streams so much fun for us anglers. Thank you!

    The weather was just about perfect - cool, dry, and partly cloudy. The water was cold, but not too cold to wet wade. On the fish, double digit rainbows, two 11" brookies, and a 14" - 15" rainbow. And, yeah, just as I was getting the camera ready, the edge of my net dipped below the waterline and that fish was g-o-n-e. But, he was a nice one. And he's still in there waiting to be caught again.

    The DNR have done a good job of coloring these guys up and putting some weight on them.

    Video of brookie release

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    Cool video, that is for the report, I will be heading back up there in the morn, Sunday.


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      Nice report and pics!
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        Gorgeous brookie! Cool video!

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