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    Originally posted by decfly View Post
    Another Flyers fan here.
    Used to have a 10-game package at the old Spectrum back in the day (early 80's).
    It's been a rough number of years for the orange and black.
    Rough? Understatement of the year....
    - IMHO, they lost their way; they started to try and compete on a skill level without the skill to do it and left behind the aggressive play. I realize the sport has changed to be less aggressive, but still some good body checks and back checking is what made the flyers a force to be reckoned with, again in my opinion.
    I think the downfall started after they picked up Lindros, personally. I played against him once in Canada, what an amazing player, can't say the same about his personality.


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      Saw this for you buddy...


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        That certainly helps me rest easy lol

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