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  • Most beautiful fish 2017 contender

    This fish is the reward for taking my shoes/socks off and wading a very very cold creek to get to a great looking run. Very cold day last weekend but the trout were smashing my bwo dry like it was a giant cheeseburger. I decided to throw on a little size 20 uv black hares ear as a dropper and BAM, this guy trucked it. I still can't get over the beauty in this wild GA rainbow.
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    That is a fine looking fish...

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      You went wet wading last weekend?!?

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        What a reward for your efforts. Beautiful fish!
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          Good looking wild!


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            Gorgeous. Tip of the cap to you for going for in barefoot. Worth it!


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              Originally posted by I_got_skunked View Post
              You went wet wading last weekend?!?
              In the words of the great Barney Fife:


              Might be blasphemy but I think I prefer to catch the wild rainbows and browns more than the brookies. That's a beaut.
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                Just wow. What an absolute jewel. Congrats!
                I like em big fat and sloppy.


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                  That's a beauty. I'm glad those wild ones are still biting well in this cold weather.
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                    The only way that puppy could look any more beautiful is if it was caked in corn flour!