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  • Smith slam

    Went to Smith this morning and the day started out about as poorly as one can. As I was changing my euro rig to an indicator rig because of the wind, a gust came down the field and blew my car door shut, taking my rod tip with it. I wasnít about to drive an hour and a half and rig up with a wind chill in the teens to not go fishing so I broke the rod tip off at the last eye, finished rigging and hit the water. It was a great day, I ended with ten or so fish in a couple hours, and managed to get my first slam of the year, which was cool to see. The water was high but fairly clear which I think made for great fishing conditions, aside from the frigid temps.

    On a side note, catch and release works! I caught a trout today that Iíve caught once previously on my own, and have also watched a buddy of mine catch before that! Pretty cool to see a fish three times and watch him swim back into the same spot. Heís distinguishable by a small gash on his back, so let me know if yíall catch him, heís obviously still in there!

    From the first time I caught her on New Yearís Eve

    Again this morning

    Some more good looking bows

    Brown caught on the swing

    Last but not least a solid Brookie to end the day

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    It was a good day at Smiths. Temps werenít terrible as long as the wind didnít blow. Pulled a couple of bows with excellent coloring. Hate to hear about your rod

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      That is sho nuff the same fish. Sorry to hear about your rod, but your perseverance is admirable.

      Great job on the slam! And cool bird's eye view of the brookie at the end.
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        I was there that day but was up in the Lodge selling turkey calls at my booth in the Custom callmakers show. Saw a few cars parked down at the creek and would have loved to have been able to fish...