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  • Question About Mountain Creek

    I have a personal mission that need some help with. I am wondering if anyone may have information that could help me. I know this is a sensitive area so I do not want to put out any information that would be off limits but I am in need of some information on fishing Upper Mountain Town Creek just above Hills Lake. 20 years ago my dad worked with TU to put in structures and improve the stream. I am just trying to retrace his steps and fish that small section of the stream. I am wondering if I can just walk around the gate and follow the old road (not sure if its still there)up to that section? Or is there a path from the Bear Creek trail close the that HUGE poplar tree. Anyway, I hope someone might be able to help me get to that spot. If you would just direct message me that would be great so we can keep from putting anything out on the forum.

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    Nope, it can't be done.

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